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Gazing at the stars from within

She was just breathing,

slowly, aiming to achieve just relaxation,

letting go of her anxiety…cc

She has stoped confronting the mind,

Letting it be so, a mind.

Letting it wonder around,

admiring its unrelenting torrent of thoughts.

Whilst, her body had also stoped resisting,

surrendering to that the static posture,

finding pleasure in stillness…

She was just breathing and observing…

contemplating the cyclic nature of breathing,

enjoying the air caressing her nostrils

feeling its temperature,

its constant journey through her body and cells.

Observing the change while nothing had changed

while the most subtle vibrations became evident…

An authentic delight to discover their dance,

inside and even outside her body.

The inner space was not so dark anymore

but profound and with nuances of different colors,

reflecting the glow of an inmense sparkling sky.

She was amaized,

gazing  at the stars which illuminated her shadows,

that soothed the scarces of life,

that showed the brightness of her blessings…

All of the sudden,

the light of the sky became her own light

and stillness was absolute…

Presence became real,

time lost relevance…

Just gratitude and joy could follow up.

Image: Rachel Byler painting.