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Mandalas have the ability to convey stories, concepts, and ideas that otherwise would required many words to be expressed. It´s particularly evident in figurative mandalas such as the Buddhist ones depicting some teachings or passages of the life of the Buddha. Circular images have also been used in a sacread way by ancestral civilizations and cultures to represent cycles, totality, perfection and harmony. Besides, Carl Jung underlined their usefulness as a tool to better understand ourselves. The Mandala of the Feminine Essence created by Pedro Molina has been inspired by Miranda Gray´s book Red Moon. It constitutes an attempt to convey –in a clear and beautiful way- the cyclical nature of women, the gifts of each phase and the creative forces that connect us with the Universe and life itself. I think this great work done by a man which speaks about the gifts of being a woman deserves our recognition…

Mandala Femenino LA madreThis lovely mandala does not only reflect Pedro´s talent for artistic expression, or his refined technique after a longstanding practice (he has been fascinated by Mandalas for more tan 20 years, now). But it also shows his deep understanding of Miranda Gray´s ideas on the female cycle and the gifts of each phase or the achetypes associated with them: the Maiden, the Mother, The Warrior and the Sage. The beautiful images he created for each archetype are harmoniously assembled and contourned by a complete moon cycle and flowering branches of trees that denote the influence of Celtic and Oriental art in his work.

The process himagee followed to create it reminds me about the Tibetan Buddhist traditions regarding the sacred art of Mandala painting. While I was stationed in India I had the opportunity to visit the city of Dharamsala several times (northern area of India where a great number of Tibetans – including the Dalai Lama- fled to after the Chinese invasion). Among other marvellous people, we met a few artists who shared with us stories about those traditions. They told us that it is only after capturing the essence of a teaching through longstanding meditation and spiritual practice that an artist could be authorised by his/her teacher to paint a representation of it.

Pedro has not only devoted time to his painting but also to reflecting and assimilating the ideas he has represented in such a wonderful way. And he gets to the point, he conveys Mandala femenino detalle central the message. In fact, this Mandala has become a useful tool for me, both to meditate as well as a visual support when I give talks about the cycles or women empowerment. It is commendable that this Mandala had been done by a man to tell us what a gift it is to be a woman!

On the other hand, it is a great news that he has just opened “a shop” in ETSY, the e-commerce platform for handicrafts and hand made art products worldwide. People could appreciate and buy his high quality paintings which are not only beautiful but done from his heart. Here is the link to the poster of the Mandala of the Feminine Essence.

esencia femenina 3

Autor: Sandra Guevara

Deseosa de compartir inspiración con las personas que desean desarrollar sus talentos, vivir su sueño con conciencia, propósito trascendente; y particularmente empoderar a las mujeres para que se permitan vivir su mejor versión, desde la autenticidad. Artesana y bloguera un rato y otro mentora de emprendedor@s creativos, de los que cuidan el alma, de los que hilan palabras, de los que quieren ser agentes de cambio y generar triple impacto...


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